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No study has yet to prove that sleep training will ruin a parent-child relationship. However, several studies have shown no difference in parent-child relationships for those who sleep train versus those who do not.

With this myth, I want you to think back to who you were and how you interacted with others prior to being sleep deprived. Think of a time when you slept well and had the energy to make it through the day.

What kind of person were you?

What emotions did you feel?

Were you joyful or sad? Were you patient or irritable? Were you productive, creative, focused? Or were you all over the place and feeling blah?

What was it like for others to interact with that person?

Ok. Now, let’s flip this reflection.

How is sleep deprivation affecting your life and your relationships with others now?

What kind of person are you?

Are you who you want to be?

What emotions do you often feel?

Are you happy or sad most of the time? Are you patient or irritable? Are you productive? Creative? Focused? Or is your work, whether in an office or at home, slipping?

How would feeling well-rested change your life?

My guess is that you would feel like a new person. Or perhaps your old self. You would have an improved ability to regulate your emotions, preventing you from snapping at the little things. You would have the patience and energy to truly be present with your children and partner. It would allow you to focus on getting tasks done more quickly leaving you with more quality time spent with the family.

What about for your infant? What does lack of quality sleep mean for them?

Perhaps clingy, whiny, unable to regulate emotions. Difficulty focusing and learning new things.

According to the parents with whom I've worked, their baby is happier and so are they! With happy individuals comes happy families.

So if you are exhausted and barely getting bye each day due to your infant or toddler's sleep struggles? Don't let this invalid myth and fear stand in your way of achieving a healthier, happier life with your little one.

If you are considering sleep training your child, I always suggest you create a sleep plan to make sure you cover all the behavioral areas that effect sleep. To help you out, download your free copy of the five major components that should be considered in every sleep plan!


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