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The end to Daylight Saving Time is approaching! This means we fall back an hour on the clock, "gaining" an hour of sleep from Saturday, October 31st to Sunday, November 1st. For example, what is now 6:30AM will become 5:30AM.

And this can be great for an adult! We think, "Ahhh! An extra hour to sleep!" BUT your young children might not catch on. Instead, they will most likely wake after sleeping for their usual duration of sleep, causing them to be up an hour earlier on the clock.

You might be tempted to have your child stay up late for bedtime on Saturday in order to compensate for the time change, hoping it helps with sleeping in to an appropriate time. However, this plan could easily backfire. Going to bed later than when your child's biological clock is asking him to do so can often produce frequent night wakings and an earlier rising!

For older children, it might not matter much. They can adjust pretty well, especially if already a well-rested child. However, younger children or children who are overtired have a harder time adjusting to schedule changes.

If you want the schedule to remain the same after the time change, you will need to shift your infant's ENTIRE schedule - nap time, bedtime, and meals. This will help you keep a similar schedule but just earlier into the day. Keep in mind that your child's duration of wake time and sleep time won't change. He will still have the same highs and lows in his circadian rhythm. The only difference will be what time the clock reads.

BUT, if you need/want to keep your child on the same schedule once the time changes, you can help your child gradually adjust to this schedule in a couple of ways.

Check out my FREE October Stork Masterclass where I go over the four different options to strategically adjust your child's schedule to the time change and what to take into consideration when deciding!

If you're like, "Ha! Crazy lady! What schedules?!" Let's chat! Schedule a free 15-minute phone call with me to discuss your situation and how I can help.


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