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Part 2 of 3 - Tips for Holiday Travel with Your Littles: What to Pack?

Part two of traveling with your littles! What to pack?!

Besides the typical outfits, diapers, and wipes, there are several other items that you might not have considered. Below is a list of items to add to your list. Keep in mind that this list is a list of suggestions. You might need to make adjustments based on your own family.

Travel Time

Snacks and Beverages - Take snacks that can be shared easily without a mess and beverages in non-spill containers.

Activities and Toys - Items that your child will enjoy while traveling and while at your destination. For the travel time, I highly suggest choosing toys without much noise that will help keep your child occupied.

If you have a hand-held device that your child will be using, download any games or shows that won't require wifi ahead of time. If it will require noise, provide your child with head phones as not to disturb others along for the ride.

Sleep Time

Sleep Routine Items - Take anything you can think of that contributes to your child's nap and bedtime routine. This might include certain books, a lovey, a certain pillow, etc.

Crib or Bed - Make sure your child has a space to sleep. Perhaps you are staying with your parents and you already know they have a room and crib available for your child. However, for other scenarios, you might need to bring a Pack'n'Play. If you are staying in a hotel or even renting a house, check to see if they offer cribs as some do provide them when asked. Same goes for a high chair or any other bulky baby items.

Fitted Sheet* - Bring a fitted sheet from your house that has been used and unwashed to use in the crib or Pack'n'Play. This will allow your child to have the smell of home even while in a new environment.

Sleep Items* - Swaddle or sleep sack, pillow, lovey, pacifier, etc.

Make-Shift Black Out Shades - If you are unsure of the sleep environment or know that it is difficult to prevent light from entering the room at nap time or bedtime, purchase some Kangaroo Emergency Thermal Blankets and tape up over windows to block out the light.

Sound Machine - If your child normally uses one or you know it will be noisy where you are staying, take a sound machine. I would suggest one that has both adapter and battery options, thus allowing the option to use it while traveling. An all time favorite of mine is the Homedics White Noise Sound Machine.

Baby Monitor - Enough said.

*If your child is one year of age or younger, follow safe sleep guidelines.

Daily Routine

Although you don't want to have to take the entire house, I recommend that you take anything with you that is regularly used by your child in her daily routine and any of her favorites.

Bathroom Items - Pack your bath products, bath toys, bath towel, tooth brush, tooth paste, and anything else you regularly use. If any bathroom items are part of the sleep routine, definitely pack them.

Foods - Baby food if your child does not eat finger foods similar to what you will be eating. Formula.

Kitchen Items - Bottles/sippie cups, pumping gear, and infant dishes.

Medical Kit** - Routine medicines, infant/children pain reliever, infant/children allergy medicine, antibiotic ointment, bandaids, thermometer, nail clippers, NoseFrida, and anything else you might need.

**Anything you might need that your pediatrician has okayed.

What are some items you would suggest parents consider packing for time away? Please, comment below with your suggestions!

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