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Hello Again! Has your little one hit a bump in the road with sleep since we last spoke? Perhaps it was due to a vacation, addition of a sibling, a move, an illness, a developmental milestone, etc. The list could go on and on.


Whatever it may be, I understand that this happens. As should you. Such is life! For those moments where you need a little bit of guidance but not the whole nine yards, I'm here to help.

If you know you are about to go through a transition, let's chat about how you can help make that transition go smoothly.

If you have hit a rough patch, let's discuss how to get your little one back on track.

These services are only for previous clients with sleep issues of the same child that I once supported who are not Stork Villagers. If you are a previous client needing support for a different child, revert to the service appropriate for their age.

If you are a Stork Villager, click here.



Each package will include a certain number of one-on-one phone calls that can be scheduled as needed during your active membership. This provides peace of mind so that if and when sleep issues arise or questions come up, you can speak directly with me to figure out a plan.


Each membership option provides a specific discount on all other services and products. For example, additional phone calls, sleep plans, and any other services or products provided by me not included in the membership. 


Recorded trainings where we hone in on a sleep or parenting topic. The topic for masterclass will be determined by member preferences. These are uploaded into the membership resource area.


Specified times for members to call in with questions regarding specific situations. These are held and recorded with Zoom and then uploaded to membership resource area.


Continued access to the Stork Village Membership Facebook Group exclusive to members. Aka, exclusive to past clients who understand the basics of sleep and share similar values around sleep. This is an area for asking questions anytime they come up, discussing different parenting topics, and connecting with other members.


MemberVault is the online membership hub used for the Stork Village Membership. It is where all membership resources are provided. This includes recordings of office hours, recordings of masterclasses, downloadable resources, online courses, etc. Several resources only available to members!


Package options available based on duration of membership before renewal. Options include lifetime, annual, and bi-annual. Members receive access to all above while their membership is active.

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