Infant-Toddler-PreK Sleep

Do you have an infant, toddler, or preschooler who...


...takes short or no naps during the day?

...needs you to rock or feed him to sleep?

...wakes several times at night?

...wakes early in the morning?

...takes thirty minutes or more to fall asleep for naps or bedtime?

...has an unpredictable schedule?

...refuses to sleep alone?


Are you experiencing...



...lack of motivation...

...lack of productivity...

...a foggy mind...

...self doubt as a parent...

...because of your child's lack of sleep?


Do you desire...


...a predictable schedule?

...the ability to make plans?

...sleep for your entire family?!

...time to reconnect with your partner?

...time for yourself?

Let's chat!

I imagine you have reached out to friends, family, and, most likely, Facebook parenting groups for advice. I would assume, if you have done this, that you are feeling anxious and confused due to contradicting advice and the OPINIONS of others. 


You know that sleep is important for your child. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here reading this. But I can only assume that you are conflicted with how to help your child get the sleep that he needs and whether or not what you are doing is right.


When someone is trying to lose weight or to get over an illness, isn't it normal to have an expert to guide you? Let me be your expert in Child Sleep to coach you as a parent to guide your little one to better rest with EVIDENCE-BASED material instead of opinions.


Book a free 15-minute consultation with me to discuss your situation and my services.

Infant/Toddler Sleep Services

Intended for parents with a child sixteen weeks up to about two years of age and still in a crib. If your child is no longer in a crib, please, check out my PreK Sleep Services​

Starting at $350 + service fees

PreK Sleep Services

Intended for parents of children three years and older. However, these services are for any child transitioning out of the crib or already out of the crib. So if your child is younger than three, this might be right for you as well.

Starting at $450 + service fees

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