Free 15-minute session to discuss your situation & the Stork process.

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During our time together, we will touch on your family's sleep situation, talk through any fears or concerns associated with sleep training, and discuss the process. If you want to get a head start, you can download my resource "What Does Working with a Child Sleep Consultant Entail?"



Newborn consultations, returning client packages, and gift certificates do not require this service. These can be booked regardless. If interested in either of those services, please, check out the information for each in order to book/purchase.

However, a phone call is required for new one-on-one clients.

I know. I know. You probably need help NOW and are wondering why I am making you wait another minute!

Well, I have a few reasons.

CLARITY Unsure which service you need? On the fence about hiring an expert?


SUCCESS While I don't have complete control over this, I aim for every client of mine to be successful which requires some screening. It is necessary for everyone involved to confirm that you understand what sleep training means and are truly committed to following through with a plan. As you might have heard me say time and time again, sleep training is more than just choosing a method!

SCHEDULE We need to be strategic about when you start sleep training. We want to choose a timeframe that will be best for both your child and your family. For example, we will take into consideration any major changes coming up in your child's life and anything coming up on the family calendar.

MINDSET It is very important to me that you feel confident in the process before moving forward. Together, we will analyze and assess any specific fear, concern, or limiting beliefs you might have about sleep training. By discussing, we will discover where those thoughts come from and decipher whether or not they are valid. A majority of the time, they come from someone else's opinion or emotion rather than evidence-based material. However, on a rare occasion, I get a parent who has a very valid reason to hold off on sleep training that needs to be considered.


COLD, HARD TRUTH Sometimes I get a parent who has certain philosophies that don't align with my services. This doesn't make a wrong or a right. A lesson I learned the hard way during my early nanny years is that not every professional is for every family, and not every family is for every professional. While impossible to guarantee, my goal is to make sure I only accept clients who will benefit from my services. And the people who benefit are the people who believe in what I do. Check out my philosophy by clicking here.

While each sleep plan I create looks a little different depending on the child and the parents, they all are created with a common goal in mind. That goal is to build a strong sleep foundation for your child so that they can achieve healthy sleep habits allowing you to do the same. 

NOTE This service is not intended to be an in-depth consultation. It is intended to briefly discuss your struggles and how working together will benefit your family.