Step 1: Ask Yourself, "Is my family ready?"

Have you checked with your pediatrician to make sure your child has no underlying medical issues preventing sleep and that he/she is at a healthy weight for sleep training?

Do you have a two-week span or more where you can fully commit to sleep training?

No vacations, no visitors. A time that you are able to stay at the house when needed and able to get your child into bed at the appropriate times.

Are you willing to preserve your child's naps and bedtime by making plans around your child's sleep instead of your child sleeping on the go?

Step 2: Share Your Story

Book your Free 15-Minute Consultation to discuss your situation, what the expectations are for both you and me, and how working together will benefit your family.

Step 3: Choose a Service Appropriate for Your Child's Age

Choose the service best for your child. You will fill out the intake form, sign and return the agreement form, and make your payment prior to any chosen service.


Step 4: Implement Customized Sleep Plan

Then, based on your preferences and our discussion during our consultation, I will create a customized sleep plan for your child. Once you receive your Sleep Plan and have no questions, you will implement the plan with my remote support along the way.


Time for better sleep for all!

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Your CHILD is worth it, your FAMILY is worth it, and YOU are worth it.

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