Does your child...

...take short or no naps?

...need to be rocked or fed to sleep?

...wake frequently at night?

...wake early in the morning?

...take 30 minutes or more to fall asleep?

...have an unpredictable schedule?

...refuse to sleep alone?

Are you experiencing...


...lack of motivation...

...loss of self identity...

...lack of productivity...

...a foggy mind...

...self doubt as a parent...


...because of your child's sleep struggles?

Do you desire...

...a predictable schedule?

...a reasonable time to wake for the day?

...consolidated sleep?

...quality time with your spouse?

...time for your own self-care? nights with friends?

...the ability to make plans?

...a happy and rested child?

Child Sleep

Sleep is one specific area of a family's life that can often get turned upside down from the moment a child is born to several months or even years after. Sleep deprivation can weigh down on your family physically, mentally, and emotionally, intensifying other struggles that may be present. 


Those restful nights are often missing due to the lack of knowledge and/or support. Whether it's your newborn, infant, toddler or preschooler, my goal as a child sleep coach is to provide you with the education, skills, and guidance needed to get your child sleeping age appropriately so that you can, too! 

Pssssst! I can help!

Megan Robert of After the Stork, LLC has been an absolute godsend to my family. Just one month ago I was in a bad, bad place: I hadn’t slept for more than 30 minutes at a time in almost 5 months, my hair was falling out in clumps, I was constantly sick and I was beyond exhausted. I had no patience for my 3 year old and no time to spend with my husband; it was ugly. So many people suggested so many ideas to try to help. You name it, I tried it. Swaddle blankets, soundmachines, rocking, patting, feeding, lights, no lights, oh gosh- the list goes on and on. At this point it was taking almost two hours to get my daughter to crash for 30 minutes just for her to wake up again. She was so overly exhausted (as was I) that her body was in a hyper-alert state and she simply couldn’t sleep. 

I had no idea how someone living in another state (I live in TX) could possibly help me, but I was desperate and had nothing to lose at that point. With Megan’s knowledge, advice and tremendous support, my daughter now knows how to soothe herself to sleep; she’s sleeping 12 hours at night (we’re still working on weaning nighttime feedings) and her naps are falling into a consistent schedule.

Mother of Camryn, 5 Months Old


Sleep training completely changed our lives! My daughter was about 7 months old when we realized we needed some help with this sleep thing. I got Megan's information through our birth doula. I called her and we set up a time to meet. She came to our house, talked to us about the sleep process for babies, she looked at the setup in our nursery and helped us come up with an initial game plan to get our little girl sleeping through out the night.


One thing I loved about working with Megan is how positive she is. She told us from the start that she would be there to help us through every step and we could tweak our game plan as we got into the process. She was extremely encouraging and truly helped us get our girl to sleep. After about 2 weeks our little girl sleeps for about 12 hours each night (7-7). I've told so many people, this woman helped us so so much and truly changed our lives. Now that we sleep well at night, we feel as though we can be better parents! Sleep training was the way to go for us and would 100% recommend it to any parent who is struggling with their child sleeping through the night!

Mother of Harper, 8 Months Old


After the Stork, LLC

Your CHILD is worth it, your FAMILY is worth it, and YOU are worth it.

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